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We're Investment Company

Let our experience and industry expertise lend a helping hand in your success.

Alphabit Capital is a Fix Deposit Investment Company in India. We offer monthly income plans with returns five times more than the fixed deposit rates offered by the banks. Alphabit comes with great investment plans to increase your capital.

Our Quality
  • Investment Plan
  • Provide Good ROI
  • Trusted
  • Secure
  • Customer Support
Creating an institution that satisfies the long-term saving and protection needs of its customers and serves them with sensitivity.

Boundarylessness, the spirit of continuous improvement, and customer centeredness are our core values. As a team, we are guided by values that define our actions.

Our colleagues should exemplify and model these values. Customers first: Everything we do should be centered around customers Humility: Embrace learning and change Passion: Drive to excel and succeed with infectious energy Integrity: Doing the right thing Boundarylessness: Prioritize organisational goals

We're Provide good return

It is our mission to provide the lowest risk and the highest return on fixed deposit plans and monthly income plans for our investors. With our lucrative investment opportunities, we aim to become one of the leading investment companies in the country, assisting people looking for passive income without knowledge of investments.

So, how can we stay on course with all the distractions in our lives? Willpower is a good start, but it’s very difficult to stay on track simply through willpower.

Our Goals
  • Collaborate with LIC
  • Collaborate with HDFC Bank
  • Collaborate with Gov Bank
We're Good At

Returning highest interest.

Work With Specialists

We collaborate with experts who have direct access to a company's servers and networks to put them up, improve them, and maintain them.

Provide Highest ROI

We offer a maximum of 2.5% monthly and 30% annually for superior investments, which often yields a strong ROI proportion.

Flexible Support

We are capable of offering assistance to people who have a fixed and high return support need which has been determined.

Bond Service

Our Bond Service refers to the principle of, any applicable premium on, and interest for any duration or at any time.

Monthly Interest Provide

Everything about monthly interest payout fixed deposit, We have 1.5% monthly interest and 18% yearly interest.

100 % Trusted

When you need it most, our policy acts as a source of stability Right up to the end, you may depend on our assurance and trust. .

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